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8822BForm (Rev. December 2019) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue ServiceChange of Address or Responsible Party Business Please type or print. See instructions on back. Do not attach this
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Comments and Help with irs gov form 8822 b
. Make Form 8822 a current document by inserting it into the "current" part of Form 8822. Fill in the blanks for the details you are changing. Be sure to check the blank areas before and after the form number. Check the box(es) you want to report. Do not use this form at all if the new address(es) changes your business name. For more information, go to www.irs.gov/Businesses/Incorporated_Organizations/ChangeLog. Enter the name(s) and address of the other person or business. If the other person or business is also a taxable individual, enter their Social Security number, if available. When using Forms 8822 and 4442 to report the names and addresses of both the change person and the taxpayer or taxassistant, please use the following formatting in your text boxes. If the other person or business is not a taxable individual, use the following format. If you do not have all the information shown in the other parts of this form, click a line below or use the arrow icon. Add or change any information not shown here without changing the data in Part 2 of Form 8822, and enter it in boxes in Part 3 of Form 4442 and Part 4 of Form 8822. Enter all amounts received or paid. Enter the following information in Part 3. The sum (total) of all amounts received or paid during the year, including amounts under $200, for each person or business in the specified box. The sum (total) of all amounts received or paid during the year, including amounts under $200. The name and address of each person who received or otherwise agreed to receive any such amount. The name of the person or business to whom the amounts are or might be credited if you received them. The amount, if determined on Form 8822, or Form 4442, the number of each amount. If the amount is not reported on Form 8822 or Form 4442 , enter $0 in place of the amount in each such area if you don't understand how to enter values in those figures. Form 8955 (Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) Information Return) Change of Address of Trustee Enter the new address of trust. If you receive notice from the IRS (i.e., a notice dated before you filed Form 8955 ) about a change of address for one of your trustees, enter that change

Who needs IRS form 8822-B?

Business entities and taxpayers must file Form 8822-B in order to notify the United States Internal Revenue Service about a change of their business mailing address, their business location, or the identity of their responsible party. The  full name of the 8822-B Form is

Change of Address or Responsible Party -- Business.

Is the IRS Form 8822 accompanied by any other forms?

There is no requirement demanding any kind of accompaniment to form 8822-B. However, if the taxpayer’s representative is filing the Change of Address or Responsible Party Form for the taxpayer, a copy of the Taxpayer’s power of attorney must be provided as an attachment.

How long should the Form 8822-B processing take?

As a rule the duration of the Address or Responsible party Change Form processing procedure can take up to 6 weeks, not usually more.

How to fill out the IRS Form 8822-B online?

The first thing to indicate on the Form 882B is whether the submitter is a tax-exempt organization.

The next part of the form is a checkbox asking about the possible effects the change may have (employment, income or employee plan return, business location, etc.)

Having made the necessary checkmarks, it is mandatory to provide the following details:

  • Business name

  • EIN (Employer identification Number)

  • Full old mailing address

  • New mailing address

  • New location of business

  • New responsible party’s name and SSN, ITIN or EIN

  • Signature

Where to submit the completed 8822-B Change of Address Form?

At the bottom part of the Change of Address or Responsible Party Form there are instructions on where the form should be submitted when fully completed depending on the state of residence or where business is done. In fact, however, there are only two acceptable addresses of the IRS offices: Cincinnati, OH 45999-0023 or Ogden, UT 84201-0023.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 8822 b
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